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News Miner - How To Profit From Trading The News!

News Miner: How To Profit From Trading The News!
The NewsMiner software is a software program that allows you to "trade the news" by giving you the ability to mine through breaking news in stocks, futures and forex, as well as sort through the breaking news utilizing a range of sorting criteria. The basic concept underlying the NewsMiner software is that the quicker you are able to sort through the relevant breaking news and key information of the markets that you follow, the greater your information edge will be and, subsequently, the more informed your trading decisions will likely be. 

NewsMiner allows you to quickly dig through breaking news and key trading information, while avoiding the market "noise" that is less pertinent to your trading decisions. After digging through the relevant information, you will see what topics are being covered in the news. By default, the software ranks the results in order of popularity and, in addition, you also have the option of listing the results by symbol, name, market (which includes stocks, futures, or forex), or by the number of articles that have been written recently, about each specific result. 

The software allows you to pick which of the markets you are interested in digging for news, and you are able to do so, on either an individual basis or grouped together. In addition to sorting the news, the software allows you to view the results in a couple different ways, which is either as a table or as a packed word cloud (as a quick side note, with the packed word cloud option you are unable to sort the  results but you are able to pick which asset class you  would like displayed). 

After you have chosen the assets  from each market that you are interested in, you can  further sort the news by date, either choosing the day's  news or all of the news, and you can then access the  news simply by double-clicking on the article that you  would like to view. 

The last sorting option that the  software provides is a "heat map" that allows to you  visually sort through the news, making it easy to  recognize what direction the markets, and your search  results, are moving. One of the main benefits of the NewsMiner software is  that it helps you dig through the news quickly, by  providing standardized screening criteria and letting you  further refine your results by quickly selecting any of  the multiple sorting parameters.
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