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If you said yes, then read on and that way I can help you do that right now, because when you know how…

But before I tell you how, I want you to know, this is not some get rich quick scheme, a piece of software you use, an automated system with on-going costs, and it’s definitely not something that will work today but soon be useless because the loop hole is closed or too many people are using it for it to be effective.

It’s also not something that will cost you a fortune to do either, in fact it can be done 100% free.

Imagine what would happen for you if, in a short period of time, you were widely accepted, as was the case for me in my chosen field in marketing, these are just a couple of thank you messages I received:

“The tools really are cool.  … Such fun working on this–thank you!  Your contributions have proven invaluable!” - Elizabeth Stroud: Innovations in Magazine Media 2012 World Report

“This is really, really interesting. Not least because for once I can start to measure the impact press coverage may have!!!” - Ann-Marie Thomson: Head of Media for Syco

…as a “go to” person, product, service, company or retailer in your market no matter what that is or where you are based? I realise that you probably look up to those who are in that privileged position in your market, hearing all about how much they can charge and how quickly they make vast sums of money, even some...

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