Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Instant offense

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Instant Offense will give you the skill set necessary to create your own shot, shoot from deep, shoot off screen, and most importantly shoot with confidence.

Instant Offense ball handling drills are designed give you sick handles but more importantly add new moves to your arsenal to blow by defenders.

In every workout I will show you exactly how small guards are able to finish in the paint by using floaters, runners, and other crafty ways to finish inside no matter how short you are.

Are you sick of your cocky teammates who don’t even workout getting all the attention after they score 20+ points?

Do you have dreams of playing college basketball or professionally someday, but people would just laugh at you if they knew you had those dreams?

The workouts you’ve been doing or the advise you’ve been getting probably hasn’t been developed or tested in a systematic way to give you confidence and most importantly make you better…

You could read every basketball mind trick book, spend $1,000′s on a personal basketball trainer, or just run around blind in the gym wasting your time and energy.

You can start using my famous Quality x Quantity = Improvement Progression training philosophy 4 times a week for 90 minutes.

Maybe you have seen some of my drills on Youtube, my blog, or podcast.  I have a million.  But I save the best, most effective ones for one thing…This program.

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