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"I seek out experts in the field of conditioning, power, core strength, flexibility and hitting. I can tell you this, there is know one better and more innovate or who produces better results than Barry Lovelace. He is a great teacher and very innovative and creative. If you're looking for more power, looking to increase bat speed, looking to throw the ball harder and more efficiently you have to go to his website and get his information. I can't thank you enough Barry for all the things that you have shown me. I have implemented your training into my programs and have gotten really great results."

Paul Niggebrugge Former minor league baseball player Nationally recognized Hitting & Pitching Coach www.beyourbestacademy.com

What you will find here are real workouts, used by real clients. You will not find these workouts in a textbook or on the book shelf.

My name is Barry Lovelace and I have been very fortunate to have trained thousands of baseball players who develop tons of POWER within days. In fact, this is very common with these workouts. 

It means we work from the center of our body. We challenge the core with every exercise and movement. More on the core in a minute. First, try the exercise below so you can feel your core working like magic! 

Yes, that’s me. A few years ago I was given that name by an Australian physical therapist. What an honor. The reason? He was using my techniques with his clients and the one thing he noticed was instant results after just a few days. 

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