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If not, do you know why you haven’t yet reached your desired level of mastery in the martial arts?

First, I’d like to tell you about a question that I asked almost 20,000 martial artists. I’d like to say that I received thousands of responses, but actually, less than 500 subscribers responded.

What their greatest challenge or problem was that they were experiencing in the martial arts. I wanted to know why they hadn’t achieved their martial objectives. Why didn’t they have the precision and skills that they craved?

One theme reappeared over and over again: They seemed to lack what they needed to train, or more specifically, they had excuses of why they weren’t training or improving. I started categorizing the questions and problems.

There were hundreds of martial artists who lacked the motivation to reach a high level of skill; “mastery” was beyond their grasp. They couldn’t find the right teacher. Some couldn’t get off the couch. Others couldn’t find practice partners. Some felt bored by their training.

For whatever reason, there were hundreds of my readers who were not training on a regular basis. (Actually, I am sure there are THOUSANDS, but I can only count the emails that I received.)

It’s so easy to procrastinate translates to martial-arts training takes effort. I understand. I have been into martial arts almost my entire life, and I’m over 50. So, believe me, I have worked through my difficulties.

And as a martial-arts...

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