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Youth football tryouts

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"Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations (New Edition) is a complete unique book and best seller. It's a comprehensive football tryout guide for any coach or organization that needs to run organized tryouts and evaluate players with an unbiased equal system. It includes a Bonus Chapter on how to develope Power Ranking on each player. This 95+ page ebook is packed with practical tips, tricks, advice and info, and comes with all the fully-formatted real-life sample pictures and descriptions of all drills that users can download into their hard drive, print out and share it with fellow coaches. It's a powerful detailed book that covers the entire range from day 1 through cut down day of the youth football tryout process. This book was writtem by a 20+ year coaching veteran." ONLY $29.00.

If you are one of those wise people who would like your pre-planning for your up coming season to go to the "next level", Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations is designed to do just that. It truly is a one-of-a-kind, practical, hands-on guide.

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