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Karate Teaching - Makes Teaching Karate Easy With Over 125 Martial Arts Drills

Makes Teaching Karate Easy With Over 125 Martial Arts Drills
Sensei Kenny Gray 2nd Dan Argyll Shukokai Karate Oban, Argyll, Scotland. “I have enjoyed receiving your tips and really think these drills are sensational. I plan on sharing these drills with my fellow students here in Colorado Springs, CO.

“I really enjoy your web site, Jason. Since, I am a traditional Shotokan Martial Artist it is rejuvenating to see that your articles and e-books are great for improving kumite skills. From the beginner to Dan level in the martial arts who wants to improve; will find the information and the drills to sharpen their kumite capabilities. Jason, I have used your drills in both kids and adult classes with GREAT results at my dojo! Keep up the competent & comprehensive work!”

Are you constantly trying to think of new things to do in your classes? Is boredom setting in because you can’t think of new ways to teach the same things?

You know as well as I that when that happens you resort to doing the same old things again and again…like walking up and down the floor punching the air, or doing group kata with half the class falling asleep as you wait for the least skilled student to catch up…

These kinds of drills are okay in moderation for adults, and horrible at almost anytime for kids due to their shorter attention span. And if you’re like most martial arts instructors you’ve probably just followed a traditional class plan. It was plainly obvious to my students but not to me. I just modeled what...Read More Detail

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