Kamis, 26 Juni 2014

Writing for Profit Tutorial Reveals the Secrets for Residual Income

Writing for Profit Bestselling author s tutorial reveals little known secrets that will enable you to earn substantial residual income in your spare time
It’s a fact, you can do it; you can become a bestselling author in the realms of niche non-fiction when you learn the 20 Secret Power Strategies in my amazing new creative writing course…

Just 5 weeks after publication day and my latest book "Your Retirement Masterplan" ranks No.10 out of 3142 competitive titles on Amazon.co.uk!

Click on NEW WRITING COURSE in the navigation bar and take the first step to galvanizing your writing output, getting published, and attaining bestseller status.

Continue to slog away blindly in your struggle to become published or get on the fast track immediately with the tried and tested strategies contained in my amazing new creative writing course.

You could be flicking through the pages of your own bestseller and checking out your rankings on Amazon.com instead of looking at an ever-growing pile of rejection slips…

The publisher calls with the news that your book is in the Top 10. It's a wonderful feeling when an extra income idea and your very first attempt at writing for profit pays off big time. It happened to me and it could just as easily happen to you. "Starting Your Own Business" (How-To-Books ISBN 1-85703 -859-2) was listed by The Independent newspaper in its edition of Tuesday 17 July 2001 as one of the Top 10 Business Books world wide. I was delighted of course but especially so because this particular piece of niche non-fiction (first published in 1994) had been around the block many times: eight reprints, currently in its third revised edition and rapidly...Read More Detail

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