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Why Eating MORE White Rice Will Increase Fat Burning - The 4 Cycle Solution

Why Eating MORE White Rice Will Increase Fat Burning - The 4 Cycle Solution
Why Eating MORE White Rice Will Increase Fat Burning - The 4 Cycle Solution is The REAL TRUTH about why White Rice can be healthier for your metabolism and fat loss than Brown Rice...

Did you know that if you intentionally avoid white starchy foods like white rice, and eat the beloved brown rice instead, it may actually be WORSE for your health than eating the demonized "white" rice? 

Did you know that if you cut out high glycemic carbs, like white rice, it could possibly SLOW DOWN your fat loss and be more harmful on your metabolism?

Did you know there are 3 food lies proving why eating more of your favorite high carb foods like white rice, the RIGHT way, can actually be BETTER for your metabolic health and your fat burning hormones?

Once you discover these 3 "unknown" facts, that nobody EVER talks about, you’ll know how to intentionally eat MORE white rice and other high carb starches to increase fat-burning hormones, accelerate calorie burning, and KEEP your metabolism revving higher week after week.

My name is Shaun Hadsall, and in my 15+ years of experience in the diet and nutrition industry I discovered a proprietary nutrition secret that will keep your body looking young, help you CONTROL your fat-burning hormones, and legitimately make stubborn belly-fat your body’s DAILY "go-to" energy source.

I’ve used and taught these carb cycling methods to thousands of men and women of all ages from all over the globe. All you have to do is follow the simple nutrition advice below and you’ll see exactly why your favorite high carb white starchy foods can help you maintain a healthier metabolism and burn more fat.

But I do have to warn you. What you’re about ready to read will probably be the exact opposite of what you’ve been told about losing belly fat. You won’t hear this from your local personal trainer and you won’t read about it inside any fitness magazine.

Below, you’ll discover exactly why brown rice may be not be the better choice than white rice, and you’ll also learn how eating white starchy carbs can help keep your metabolism healthy and consistently accessing fat as its primary fuel source on a daily basis...Read More Detail

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