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Alchemy of Love Personal Development Training

Alchemy of Love Personal Development Training
Within the experiment we call Life, most of us strive to hit the jackpot, to find the recipe for love, happiness, fulfillment, to get to the finish line healthy, without suffering, sane, inspired and laughing.  This is a story of such an endeavor, of an attempt, a dream, to discover a sacred stone that transforms metals into gold, helping our souls live their highest potential ever. 

Taking a commitment to grow, spiritually develop, we take responsibility for our lives. Tangible transformations can come into our lives only if we work on our self-development truly and holistically. 

During my spiritual journey, during 25 years of meditation, yoga and tao exploration, I came across Love, Joy, Suffering, Compassion, Curiosity, and most of all, Wonder towards all the manifestations within Life. 

In an attempt to expand this Wonder, I created the Alchemy of Love Courses Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting. 

Exploring the Alchemy of Human Being we examine Human Brain and Mind Powers, tools to increase Creative Thinking, ways to achieve Free Mind... 

From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, all across centuries, all across the planet, covering ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus, the course is inspired by Life, Love, Alchemy, Tantra, God.  The alchemy of this mixture is there to keep me inspired and to inspire you to further create, going back to Life re-newed, shining Love....Read More Detail

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