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Kit Home Owner Builder Mistakes

A great ebook to avoid 50 owner builder mistakes when constructing a kit home
If you are reading this page, owner builder mistakes are causing you concern. As an Owner Builder, I have found building kit homes one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Today I would like to share with you what I have learnt over the years, from my experience and from other owner builders, and give you tips and strategies to fix some common kit home owner builder mistakes.

Construction mistakes are very common, even with a kit home. When building your first kit home there are many opportunities to make blunders: some small, others large. Even though building a kit home is a great choice for the amateur builder, they are still complex projects. Fixing mistakes can be a weekly or even daily event. Avoiding them in the first place, even better.

When you first start a project there is great motivation and ideas on how to proceed, but are you secretly terrified of making some catastrophic mistake through lack of relevant information or bad advice? Kit home providers are rarely forthcoming with pro-active advice, so you won't hear from them until you have trouble with the build and ask for help.

"Kit home owner builders can save thousands of dollars and months off the build time just by avoiding a few simple mistakes. Mistakes, however, can be fixed. Identifying those mistakes early is the key, before the build progresses, at which point major reparation will  be required."

"Kit homes are designed for amateurs to construct, but not everything is as straight forward as it seems. The most common owner builder mistakes revolve around construction basics and taking on a high skill...Read More Detail

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