Senin, 17 November 2014

Learn the Thai Alphabet in Minutes. Learn Thai Font, for Travelling in Thailand

Travelling in Thailand
"60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet" Results 100% Guaranteed with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. The book contains over 70 simple pictures, that enable you to instantly recognise the shape and sound of each thai symbol.

"After only an hour of reading, the Thai alphabet will begin to make sense - you'll be able to identify the shape, sounds and class of the entire Thai alphabet. The memory system relies on simple images, that enable you to instantly visualize and remember the Thai symbols. Even the youngest of readers will be able to use the system, and have a good grasp of the alphabet in as little as 1 hour."

"If you are a total beginner and struggling,(this is)... one easy way to get an introduction...not expensive"

"And if you’ve started to panic at the thought of learning 44 Thai consonants (along with their initial and final sounds), 32 different vowel configurations, numbers, and all those extra symbols, then head over to the previously mentioned digital flipbook"

The book is based on a core principle of memorization: find connections...Read More Detail

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