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200 Metabolism - Boosting Dessert And Snack Recipes

200 Metabolism - Boosting Dessert And Snack Recipes
200 Metabolism - Boosting Dessert And Snack Recipes. Most women, when they are finally exposed to the strategy I use to quell the desire for junk food are shocked to learn just how easy it is to reproduce the results. These same women also cannot believe just how much time they have invested over the years trying to combat the effects of their poor eating choices - those foisted upon them as unwanted pounds of excess body weight. 

So if you'll allow me a couple of minutes I'll briefly recount for you my story and show you how I was able to overcome my addiction to junk food. More importantly, you'll discover how I was able to do this without having to give up the desserts and treats I so enjoyed. 

If this sounds somewhat paradoxical, don't worry, I would be a little skeptical too. Especially given just how much of an improvement the result of making this change in the way you eat can have on the quality of your life. 

Let me see if I can explain why this is, and how it can have such a profound effect on other areas of your life that have absolutely nothing to do with what you put into your mouth... 

As a young woman I experienced this uncomfortable tension for the longest time. All the way from puberty until my mid-thirties. In hindsight, and I always feel shame admitting to this, I literally tortured my body, both by denying my sweet tooth - and then giving into it by bingeing on the worst possible foods I could put into my body. 

It wasn't just physical torture I put myself through when I did this. The amount of mental anguish I endured was just as dehibilitating. Ultimately I had to admit to myself that if someone was in control of the way my body looked then it certainly was not me. 

Eventually I found a way to overcome this problem - one that I now share with women all across the world who have had to put up with the unnecessary stress and feelings of powerlessness that come from living in a world in which physical confections are ALWAYS within sight and within reach 24 hours a day. 

What I mean by this is that if I asked you to head into your kitchen right now, what are the odds that you would be able to find some guilty pleasure that you know is ruining your long term health but which you simply cannot live without? 

If you can say "Zero, Carolyn. I actually feel no need to indulge myself this way..." then you can close this page right now. You are the woman that the rest of us aspire to be! You will find NOTHING on this page that can significantly improve your life. 

But if the idea of removing the desire to eat junk food sounds like it could benefit your health and well-being, stick around. Because what I discovered in my late-thirties in regards to how to satisfy your sweet tooth without punishing your body has the potential to completely change the way you view your food and the shape of your body for the better.
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