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12 Week Pilates Program

12 Week Pilates Program
12 Week Pilates Program - BUT if you are willing to give something that you can do from the comfort of your own home that is PROVEN to work a go-then keep reading below…

By Kailey Jade – Certified Master Personal Trainer, Qualified and experienced Pilates Instructor, eBook Author and Devoted Vegan! Kailey believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on fitness, nutrition and emotional wellbeing!

Kailey Jade Putland has been a Pilates Instructor for 7 years, and a Personal Trainer for 9. Her involvement in the Health and Fitness Industry of over 9 years has seen her transform thousands of bodies through fat loss and muscle gain. She specializes in Rehabilitation, Athletic Performance Enhancement, Posture Correction and achieving a Balanced Lifestyle!

Her approach is Holistic, and based on optimal bio-mechanics, as she educates and empowers her clients to achieve their ultimate goals.

The 12WPP is a high-quality training program based on the popular exercise method, Pilates! It provides at home access to an otherwise expensive and exclusive methodology in an online format that is easy to follow.

This niche fitness style corrects muscular imbalances, strengthens your core and teaches you about your body and how to move efficiently, without pain. The 12WPP is somewhat personalized, based on your posture assessment results and specific target areas.

You will be guided through how to plan your very own program based on your initial self-assessments. We provide you with exercise sequence videos, detailed exercise manual as well as program cards to follow, to ensure that you understand exactly how to make the most out of... Read More detail

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