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The Lean Body Cookbook and Meal Planning Guide

The Lean Body Cookbook & Meal Planning Guide
The Lean Body Cookbook and Meal Planning Guide - From the desk of The Get In Shape Girl, Author of The Twelve Week Bikini Guide: A 12 Week Comprehensive Workout Program To Get Your Bikini Body.

After years of fine tuning my body to get stage ready, I have figured out EXACTLY what you need to do to make your body lean and mean!  I work in a gym and I see a lot of women spending hours upon hours on a treadmill, bored to death.  I also see women following their boyfriends around the gym trying to bench press too much weight and get frustrated and give up.  Neither of these methods are going to help you get your Bikini Body.

First, you need to make sure that the workout program is one you can follow.  If it seems complicated, difficult or daunting you just won’t stick with it, and you definitely won’t see results!!

And if the program calls for endless amounts of cardio then you aren’t going to get the muscle tone you NEED to get that lean and TONED bod!

It’s a matter of finding the right balance of weight training, high intensity cardio, and steady state cardio. “But how do I find that balance?” you ask… Well leave that to THE PROFESSIONALS!!!

Like I said, I’ve been doing this for years – as a matter of fact back in 2005 I transformed my own body from 160 PLUS pounds, a very unhealthy and uncomfortable size 10 to a 125 pound size 2 through proper exercise and nutrition. Oh, and I am pretty friggin STRONG NOW!

When it comes to getting stage ready there’s no time for guessing or trial and error.  When it comes to getting ready for Bikini Season you want results and you want them NOW.

This workout program is streamlined to get you started the day you open it!  There is NO GUESS WORK.  The workouts are laid out for you day by day.  So you won’t wake up and think, “Well, it’s Tuesday.. should I run today or lift arms?” THE ANSWER IS THERE FOR YOU!!... Read More Detail

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